We strive to be leader in providing IP services in the merging IT and health sectors for driving innovation and competitive advantage

CrossTech IPTM is a joint initiative of the two established Swiss IP firms P&TS SA and Pharma Patents International AG (PPI). We acknowledge the importance of transdisciplinary dialogue amongst IP experts specializing in various technical fields to construct robust IP portfolio strategies for the merging sectors of IT/engineering and health.

With offices in Basel, Neuchatel, Zurich, Geneva, and Berlin, CrossTech IP boasts a large team of top-tier professionals, specialized in chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, molecular biology, medical devices, material sciences, IT, electrical engineering, and possessing an extensive array of legal and language skills. Our mission is to foster innovative IP strategies for the burgeoning transdisciplinary fields of health and digital/technology, championing the future of innovation.


Since its inception in 1998, P&TS brought a fresh breath of innovation to the Intellectual Property sector, gaining widespread recognition for our specialised expertise in the challenging field of software patents and data protection. With an unwavering commitment to versatility and quality, we quickly ascended to a market-leading position, catering the needs of a broad variety of businesses – from bustling start-ups to established multinational corporations – in Switzerland and beyond. Today, we provide bespoke IP services across an expansive range of technologies – from IT, microtechnology, and electronics to medtech, chemistry, biotech, and watchmaking. Headquartered in the city of Neuchâtel, P&TS has also expanded its footprint with a dynamic branch in Zurich, reinforcing our dedication to offering a world-class IP experience to the most innovative companies in Switzerland.

Bridging IT and Biotech with Transdisciplinary Patent Expertise

For more than 20 years, Pharma Patents International (PPI) has been providing intellectual property services to a large variety of international clients, including Europe’s top health care and life science companies, small to mid-sized enterprises, start-up businesses and public institutions.

Most of our clients are in the fields of pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, biotechnology and diagnostics.

The in-depth industry sector experience is one of the key strengths of PPI, allowing us to understand both the technological and the unique business context of each client. On this sound basis, our IP services are truly tailored to fit our clients’ individual needs and objectives.

We provide intellectual property services tailored to the business needs of health-care companies


Tailoring IP Strategies for the Digital Health Revolution



The future of innovation lies in the convergence of highly specialized domains. This is all the more true for the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Digitalisation, artificial intelligence, micro- and nanotechnology, smart devices, internet of things, are no longer 'nice-to-haves’ but have become truly ‘mission critical’ for these sectors. Combining the cutting-edge scientific advancements in life sciences, pharma, and chemistry with progress in IT and engineering yields incredibly sophisticated and tailored solutions to cater to individual health needs.

Cross-disciplinary developments and inventions require an integrated approach to maximize value and achieve a competitive edge. IP strategies for these developments and inventions necessitate in-depth expertise in the respective technical fields. This poses a challenge as an effective IP portfolio strategy requires a collaborative effort amongst patent experts with varying technical backgrounds.

CrossTech IP is an alliance between and